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Set up caster with ESP32 XBEE and SimpleRTK2B Budget not working

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsSet up caster with ESP32 XBEE and SimpleRTK2B Budget not working
Linus Källander asked 1 month ago

I’ve followed the instructions on how to set up a NTRIP Caster using ESP32 XBEE and SimpleRTK2B. It seems very straight froward but I cant get it to work….
The content fo the Output is:


No matter what…
I’ve upgraded SimpleRTK2B to Firmware 1.3 and used Base.configuration file from your website. Connecting the board to U-Center shows me the correct position so I know it works…

In XBEE config I can see it is recieving something. “UART (main communication) 132.2kB in (1.3kB/s) / 406B out (0B/s)”

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 1 month ago
Hi Linus,

  1. Could you explain what you are trying to do? I mean overall, is just to understand if the caster is what you need or not.
  2. Is your base station in TIME mode? If not, it will output some info, but not enough.
  3. Which settings did you set on the WiFi? Where is your caster (in which WiFi network) and where is your rover (in which network)?
Linus Källander
replied 3 weeks ago

1. I need an RTK Base station.
2, 3. I did not give it enough time, I manage to get i working with RTK2GO now. but I would prefer to set up a local caster. I have a static IP and I have set up my router to forward the correct port to the caster. However, the only output I get from the caster is What I posted in the previous post.

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