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omaroto asked 3 weeks ago

Hola, yo compre el Serial Datalogger to microSD, sin embargo, los datos que obtengo no logro procesarlos ya que el con el RTKCONV me da un error, hay algun guia para configurar.  Gracias

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Dear Omaroto,
We can only provide support on recording RAW data in UBX format, for conversion we will need the help of the community.

RAW data output is available with message group UBX-RXM. Can you confirm that these messages are enabled, and that this messages are stored in the datalogger file? You can open the file with u-center and check if you can read the UBX-RXM messages, this would be a confirmation.

If not, typical problems are:
1. UBX messages not enabled.
2. UBX messages are only available on UART1, not on UART2.
3. Wrong baudrate, serial datalogger works at 57’600bps.

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omar.cutimbo answered 3 weeks ago

Hola, espero tengas pronta solución y lo puedas compartir se te agradecería bastante (estoy interesado en comprar ese modulo, sin embargo no hay mucha ayuda al respecto RINEX DATA)