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dsgeo57 asked 10 months ago

The serial datalogger to microSD card is really i nice feature, but how configure the shield ???? by u-center ???? in wich UART ???? pleas anyone know how to make this job ???

Ardusimple Staff replied 10 months ago

The shield is preconfigured to store anything at 57’600bps. Just configure your simpleRTK2B XBee socket at 57’600bps output and everything will be stored in the microSD card, until the memory is full.

You can then use the USB adapter included with the product to connect the microSD to your PC and read the files.

omar.cutimbo replied 10 months ago

is the same as rinex data?

clive1 replied 10 months ago

UBX data from UART1 (needs a V3 board) would suffice, it records everything you output.
I’d imagine one could record RTCM3 data from UART2 on the V1 board, and use RTCM3-to-RINEX conversion tools.

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dsgeo57 answered 10 months ago

Is the same on the RTK2Blite ?

Ardusimple Staff replied 10 months ago

Lite has UART2 on the TOP XBee receptacle, so same features/limitation as simpleRTK2B V1.

dsgeo57 replied 10 months ago

I don’t know what the limitations of V1 are, but I think that by managing the config of the ZED module it is possible to use the serial datalogger well also on RTK2Blite. My application simply needs to record Rinex or UBX data when the system is turned on, and then close the file when it is turned off. I wonder, what is the best configuration in terms of solution?

Ardusimple Staff replied 10 months ago

ZED-F9P currently outputs NMEA and RTCM on UART2, and NMEA, UBX and RTCM on UART1.

RAW data is only available in UBX protocol.

clive1 replied 10 months ago

Previously used RTCM3 to RINEX conversion to do quantitative analysis of MSM4 vs MSM7 quality/performance. Shouldn’t need UBX-RXM-RAWX to do this.

Perhaps best solution is to have your flight data recorder/flight controller stream the data to a card, or have your own MCU board do so.

A schematic or pin wiring diagram might permit you to solder a stamp format data recorder/logger onto a board with a ZED, be it an XBee or Arduino form-factor.