Serial Datalogger to microSD and simpleRTK2B V1 UART1

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Thiago Kern asked 11 months ago
Hi all!
I’m trying to connect the Serial Datalogger to microSD to my simpleRTK2B V1 over UART1 to be able to sabe RAW data. But it seems that the datalogger does not connect to the UART1. Connecting it to the xbee (UART2)  I’m able to save NMEA messages, but not the RAW UBX files of course.
Did anyone manage to make this work?
Also, where can I change the observation frequency rate from 1hz to 5hz?

1 Answers
Thiago Kern answered 11 months ago
Solved the logging issue by connecting the IOREF to 3.3v!  

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