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Send and receive UBX protocol with wifi Xbee

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsSend and receive UBX protocol with wifi Xbee
Barcaz01 asked 3 weeks ago
I’m trying to setup a base with the simpleRTK2B-F9P V3 and I need to receive UBX RXM-RAWX messages (enabled on port usb, uart1, uart2).
The issue is that I can only receive that message (as I can see from packet console) from USB and not via the network connection (where I can only see NMEA and RTCM data from there).
Maybe I’m not able to switch between the uart1 (that supports ubx) and uart2 for connection of the xbee. How should I do that? If I press the button in simpleRTK2B-F9P V3 it only stops sending messages (uart1 and uart2 have all the type of messages enabled and NMEA and UBX RXM-RAWX are active on both ports).
Thank you in advance for your help!
P.S.: when do you think that a new firmware with UBX send/receive in UART2 (also for V1 boards) will be available?
replied 3 weeks ago

I don’t expect uBlox to change how UART2 works, you shouldn’t either.
The newer board should have physical switches to allow different routing to the XBee socket.
RINEX Observation files can be created from RTCM3 MSM packets, they contain materially the same data in a somewhat more complex form. Software already exists to do it.

replied 3 weeks ago

I think it should update but don’t know when (from an answer there https://www.ardusimple.com/question/network-connection-of-ardusimple-from-u-center/).
With the V3 board I tried to press that button but it only stopped sending messages, maybe there’s a particular procedure but I cannot find it.
To get good RINEX Observation files from RTCM3 MSM is it ok to use 1005,1077,1087,1097 and 1230 messages? Can I use RTKCONV to do the conversion? I was following this guide (https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/how-to-build-a-diy-gnss-reference-station/all)
Thank you very much for your reply 🙂

replied 3 weeks ago

Thank you, now that I’ve updated I also receive that UBX message over uart2 by enabling ubx messages over that port!