Schematics? Pixhawk Pinouts and max current sourcing

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power64 asked 4 years ago
Thank you again for such an awesome product delivered as promised!
I would like to power an external device that also interfaces with the simpleRTK2B through the Pixhawk port, similar to your Nucleo STM32 project, except interfaced through the Pixhawk JST-GH connector. 
For instance, I don’t know if the TX pin for the XBEE radio is available here and whether it is protected (ie diode) if I want to transmit on the same Radio TX for corrections into the F9P, or if I want to communicate with the FP9 on UART1 in ubx format to log raw data.  Additionally, if the XBEE needs to be disabled or voltage level changed.  Also, if both TX and RX pins are 5v tolerant in the default configuration.   Finally, if there is 5V output available, what would be the max current available to an external device?  
I really don’t want to fry this masterpiece.  A rough schematic or block diagram with pinouts might really help to know what’s going on to which pins.
Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi power64,
Let’s see if we can help you implement what you have in mind. Some clarification:
– The Pixhaek JST-GH connector is following the Pixhawk standard:
* 1: 5V_IN (So you can find it 100% sure, pin 1 is the one connected to C9 on the PCB).
* 2: ZED-F9P UART1 RX (3.3V level)
* 3: ZED-F9P UART1 TX (3.3V level)
* 4,5: Not connected
* 6: GND
– As mentioned above it’s connected to UART1 of ZED-F9P. So you can use it at the same time as the XBEE.
– 5V Input, this connector doesn’t have 5V Output.
– 3.3V RX/TX. RX/TX are not 5V tolerant.

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