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Anand Kumar asked 1 year ago
I want to ask, is it possible to save all the data recorded by RTK rover to onboard memory? If so, how can I activate it and how to retrieve the data later via usb? 

I have a ardusimple RTK2B LR kit, with base station connected saved via laptop, but rover only has external power provided.  
replied 1 year ago

The ZED-F9P have very limited memory for logging, so probably isn’t appropriate.
Perhaps find an Arduino, or similar, board that would accommodate saving to an SD Card.
ST Micro for example has several STM32 DISCO boards with microSD cards, and which are programmable by the user.
See also AdaFruit Grand Central M4

Or perhaps Logging Stamps / OpenLog type boards from places like SparkFun, AdaFruit, GHI, etc.

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