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unic0rned asked 2 years ago

this is not really a question but rather an information to whom it may concern. Because I searched DAYS to get this done. But now it’s done and it’s nice 🙂
I managed to get U-Center working on my MAC OSX Laptop. I prefer it over my Windows 10 Machine.
So the basics are that you download WINE
Then you open terminal and enter wine and here you drag the downoladed u-center.exe (which is the installer)
Just follow the onscreen instructions. I won’t go into too much detail how to open everything.
Just a side note. The app will be saved here : ~/.wine
If you want to access it later go to folder in finder and enter this. There in program files (x86) you find ucenter.exe
In terminal enter wine and drag this exe to start the app.
I want to explain the hard part. Get the COM Port to work.
First install the   (VCP Driver)
Then go to terminal and enter this
ls /dev/tty.*
It will list you all the COM Devices.
Find one that is something like this: /dev/tty.usbmodem14731
Number might be different.
And here is the magic line: Write this in terminal:
ln -s /dev/tty.usbmodem14731 ~/.wine/dosdevices/com5
This will create a symbolic link for wine from com5 to the real usbmodem
Than in ucenter inside wine you can click com5 and everything works 🙂
Hope someone might find this useful in the future 😉

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 year ago

Great step by step guide, we want to see more like this! thanks!

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Great. I have failed (frustrated) with using U-Center on MAC. I have been from that and nobody has a detailed configuration to run successfully.
Again, I will return to MAC and try the same configuration as yours.

rkruetli answered 12 months ago

U-Center works also perfectly unter CrossOver for MacOS and Linux (CrossOver is the commercial version of wine, and my company supports wine via CrossOver). The hard part is done in 1min using:



gdt answered 3 weeks ago

Have you done an F9P firmware update with u-center?  Is this safe/reliable?

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 week ago

Yes there is no risk. Even if the process is interrupted you can always restart it from zero.