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ALBERTO FALAVIGNA asked 1 month ago

Hello, I immediately ask the question: is it possible to use RTKnavi (RTKlib) with F9P present in simpleRTK2b?
What is this configuration file already preset !?
Thank you so much for your assistance

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

Is it possible. The configuration file is not already present, you need to enable UBX-RXM messages.

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ALBERTO FALAVIGNA answered 1 month ago
Ok thanks for the valuable info.
How do you enable ubx-rxm messages?
Do I have to use u-center?
Be patient but I'm a beginner and my knowledge of GPS is close to zero!
Have a good day everyone
clive1 replied 1 month ago

uCenter might be easier
RTKLIB allows for a command file (.CMD) to send configuration commands to the receiver. Might be other examples for uBlox receivers enabling UBX-RXM-RAWX and UBX-RXM-SFRBX. Review what is provided, and relevant documentation/instructions.

ALBERTO FALAVIGNA answered 1 month ago
OK thank you very much! I have enabled UBX-RXM-RAWX messages and UBX-RXM-SFRBX through u-center but with RTKnavi I don't see results.
Is there any guide or manual that explains its configuration with F9P?
I greet everyone!
Mauro Bettella answered 1 month ago

Hi Alberto,
I solved my problems with RTKLIB with the information I found in this French open project:
.. a lot of material and a lot of useful information !!!!
You will find the link for the U-Center configuration file – ZED-F9P.
You will find the link for the updated version for ZED-F9P of NTRIP Client – Lefebure Design – Android.
Everything OK with NTRIP correction!
The Veneto Region (Italy) offers NTRIP correction services for free upon registration on the website.
I have not yet been able to find a working solution for RTKGPS+ with Android,
I receive a timeout error (3) and an error (114) ??? on the NTRIP connection.
Hope to find some information ….
Ciao Mauro
Ciao Alberto,
ho risolto i miei problemi con RTKLIB con le informazioni che ho trovato in questo progetto open francese:
.. molto materiale e molte utili informazioni!!!!
Troverai il link per il file di configurazione U-Center – ZED-F9P.
Troverai il link per la versione aggiornata per ZED-F9P di NTRIP Client – Lefebure Design – Android
Tutto OK con correzzione NTRIP!
La Regione Veneto (Italy) offre servizi di correzione NTRIP gratuitamente
previa registrazione sul sito web.
Non sono ancora riuscito a trovare una soluzione funzionante per RTKGPS+ con Android,
ricevo un errore (3) di timeout e un errore (114) ????? alla connessione NTRIP.
Spero di trovare qualche informazione….
Ciao Mauro

ALBERTO FALAVIGNA answered 1 month ago
I thank Mauro Bettella for the useful info mainly because it allowed me to use the sw mapp app with ntrip with the suggestion to change the language on the mobile phone.

Hi Mauro are you Italian !?

Can I contact you directly !? my email is as follows: a.falavigna@gmail.com


Ringrazio Mauro Bettella per le utili info sopratutto perchè mi ha permesso di utilizzare l’app sw mapp con ntrip con il suggerimento di cambiare la lingua alla cellulare.
Ciao Mauro sei italiano!?
Posso contattarti direttamente!? la mia mail è la seguente: a.falavigna@gmail.com