Christian asked 2 years ago

Is on the simpleRTK2B somewhere a pin for rtk_stat from F9P available to show RTK-status with exteral LED? 

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Christian, we have a LED called RTK_FIX, that is connected to the RTK_STAT output from the ZED-F9P.
Check our hookup guide and you will find it there 🙂

josegarcia replied 2 years ago

Any suggestions on how to use external leds? Seems there are no pins but would it be safe to unsolder the existing leds and solder our own leds?

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Jose,
It is possible to replace the onboard leds by external LED’s. Note that you do this at own risk.
Another possibility is to use “light guides” (you can google). These are plastic elements to bring the LED light to a different location.