RTK3pro/wifiNTRIP does not connect to NTRIP server on the Internet

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mats.ahlund asked 6 months ago
Have tested both RTK2go and Trimble VRSnow and both display list of services when connected to Lefebure NTRIP client.  With the RTK3 pro client or the Wifi Ntrip client no list shows up. If I enter a stream manually nothing happens so I guess no connection. Have tried both with android phone hotspot and offce wifi network with the same outcome.
Wifi Ntrip web window can be reached from other computers on the same network.   COM1 (NMEA) and COM2(RTCM) show up in the datastream window.   The receiver webserver window works and lot of satellites but no RTK data.
To me it looks like the WiFi NTRIP is not taking care of the serial to IP communication as the NTRIP client in the RTK3 does not connect? Or are the serial communications empty on info? But why is the WiFi NTRIP client not connecting then?   Am I missing some settings?  The RTK3receiver has no IP adress but does it need any as it communicates over serial only?

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mats.ahlund answered 6 months ago
The GNSS Master app connects to the NTRIP Wifi socket server on port 23 but zero data is transmitted. In the RTK3 webinterface NMEA traffic on COM 1 is shown with about 0,1 kbit/s
replied 6 months ago

GNSS master app connects to NTRIP server online and forwards that on port 23 to WiFi Ntrip and then to RTK3 receiver COM2 and fixed location is achived. But the WiFi Ntrip refuses to connect to Ntrip server online and no NMEA is forwarded on TCP.
To summarize, WIFI Ntrip accepts incoming RTCM and puts that on COM2.
WIFI Ntrip does not connect to online NTRIP server and does not forward NMEA from COM1 to port 23 onTCP wifi. Nor will it forward any attempt to connect the RTK3 Ntrip client to online Ntrip server.

replied 6 months ago

Changed the NMEA to com2 which now is forwarded to the TCP port 23 on the wifi Ntrip. Still no luck with Ntrip clients in RTK3 or WiFi Ntrip

replied 6 months ago

Basic problem, WiFi Ntrip works on local wifi router but will not go on the internet for NTRIP correction data.

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