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Charles L\’Ecuyer asked 11 months ago
I bought a 2X rtk3B pro with 2X ant3B antenna and 2X Xbee LR radio.
My goal is to get the more precise vertical accuracy possible hopefully to do field leveling or tiling.
So here are my question:

  1. Is setting up the base in auto mode good enough? It is hard to do the static method (in the tutorial) as the base station is often changing location, depending on the work location. I know for sure that the base must stay under 1 mile of the operation.
  2. When setting up correction output (in web interface), is RTCMv3 default settings enough, or do I have to add something? 
  3. Communication rate: I have to choose between 38400 or 19200 baud rate, I assure 38400 is the better choice?
  4. Output rate: 1Hz, 5hz or 10hz: For sure 1hz will not be precise enough, but is 10hz is creating too much bandwith for the radio and would be better with 5hz?
  5. Any thing else that could be usefull?


1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 11 months ago
1. Both auto mode and manual base station mode will provide you with good relative measurements. Absolute accuracy will still has an offset of around 1 meter.
2. It’s enough
3. Our radios are configured at 115’200bps, you should use this baudrate.
4. Correction data is valid for a few seconds, so with 1Hz or 5Hz you will get the same performance. Our radios can only support 1Hz, more than that will overflow the radios.
5. Antenna installation will be key, check this tutorial: https://www.ardusimple.com/gps-gnss-antenna-installation-guide/

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