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Stéphane asked 3 months ago
I am still training with your tutorials as it is the only material I have for the moment.
In the following tuto it is said the we need a Wifi, 4G or Ethernet kit solution.
Question : as I do not have any of this com kit yet , isn’t it possible to connect RTK2GO with my laptop (SimpleRTK2 being attached to the USB port of the laptop) ?
Thanks for the support.

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clive1 answered 3 months ago
Couldn’t you use any number of NTRIP Clients running on your laptop?
Perhaps use the one built into uCenter Classic (22.07)

Stéphane answered 3 months ago
It is not  a question of Client usage. This I know.
It is more about Caster/Server service.
replied 3 months ago

SNIP and uCenter using localhost ?

GARNIER Stéphane
replied 3 months ago

I am not that confortable to answer because not at the good level.
To avoid any pb, I will buy the AS wifi kit and apply their procedure.

replied 3 months ago

Just saying you can construct server/casters and clients on the same machine (PC, laptop), For example two instances of uCenter, connecting to two different receivers.
Stand up a Server/Caster, and then connect locally via
Or you can connect to other machines on your local network, via or whatever your local address space looks like.
SNIP works in a similar fashion, although the configuration and user-interface is a battle.

GARNIER Stéphane
replied 3 months ago

I am now trying to apply U-Center NTRIP server/caster function.
– For the rover, no issue, I am using my drone with RTK eqt.
– For the caster/server, when setting all parameters in the dedicated windows, U-Center is providing me with an IP address (192.68…..).
– I copy/paste those information in the drone RTK menu (host=192.68…), username, password, mountpoint.

Unfortunately the drone RTK cannot connect to the server.
I am not able to understand what’s wrong.

replied 3 months ago

Ok, but how is the drone connected to the internet?
The local IP address 192.168.. only has context within your own local network, ie WiFi via router or access point
If you’re using 4G cellular internet connectivity you’d need to connect to a address that’s visible to the global WAN.
If you’re using the XBee Long/Short Range radios, that’s more of a point-to-point connection, not involving the Internet, or NTRIP

Stéphane answered 3 months ago
Drone is not a problem. I’m used to do. Drone is connected to its RC which is connected to my smartphone. Data corrections are coming from 4G.
When flying, I use servers from others. I want now to make my own base, that’s why I am looking for some support.

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