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RTK2B Pro Board as Base with Second XBee Socket Shield for Bluetooth

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsRTK2B Pro Board as Base with Second XBee Socket Shield for Bluetooth
cubusweb.de asked 4 weeks ago
Dear ARDU SIMPLE team,
I recently purchased a RTK2Blite system as a rover, that works fine.
Then I purchased a RTK2B Pro and configured it as a RTK base station (ublox FW 1.30) with NTRIP board that send the RTCM3 data over the internet, that worked also fine with my rover (mobile phone as wifi hotspot for the rover).
Now I wanted to have a wireless connection with u-center to my base station without loosing the function of the RTCM3 stream to the internet. Therefor, I purchased a second plugin shield with and an XBee bluetooth module and added that to the RTK2B Pro board. 
I switched the IOREF switch on the board to get the shield powered, but as I do so the RTCM3 data stream over NTRIP stops directly. 
What must I do to get both running, RTCM3 over NTRIP and u-center connection with bluetooth and over the second plugin shield?
Kind regards!

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 4 weeks ago
When using the shield for second xbee socket, it is important to use the base board with XBEE TO UART2. If you want different settings for both sockets, then your shield can be in XBEE TO UART1.

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