RTK2B Lite, Bluetooth, Lefebure, Wifi or MobileData – Ntrip problem

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MS asked 7 months ago
Hello Support, I have purchased an RTK Handheld Surveyor Kit.
The RTK2B Lite is connected to Android phone via Bluetooth.
When I get Ntrip data via MobileData, Lefebure works.
When I get Ntrip data via Wifi and turn off MobileData, the message in Lefebure comes up: Network connection dropped.
Where is the problem?
Staff replied 7 months ago

Hello MS, we can’t provide support of 3rd party apps, but we are familiar with Lefebure and we use it with both WiFi and MobileData without problems.
Is it possible that you get the error when switching from MobileData to WiFi in the same session?
Have you tried to start Lefebure from scratch using WiFi?
ArduSimple Team

Jerry Dueck
replied 7 months ago

I get that when I’m connected to my home wifi and I use my Base over tcp/IP. With Rtk2go it’s not a problem.

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