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Lonnie Goossen asked 2 months ago
I need to go beyond the range of my base. There is a tower that I could put a repeater on. Is there a way to make one. I’m using the XLR kit. Thanks
Staff replied 2 months ago

Hi Lonnie,

Today we don’t have a solution for using repeater mode with our radios. Would it be possible to install your base in the location where you want to put the repeater? Does this help?

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Lonnie Goossen answered 2 months ago
I could probably. It’s a 70 foot tower and I’d need to mount the antenna 30 feet from the tower.  Can I run coax that far for the antenna? Or could I put the xbee on  top of the tower and run a wire down to the ardusimple board? Maybe something like ethernet cable.
Staff replied 2 months ago

It’s always better to put the antenna without RF cable, and then pass a cable from the radio to the board, or from radio+board to power source. Options without cable for the RF will provide better range.

Lonnie Goossen
replied 2 months ago

Ok thanks for the help