RTK position and roll angle datalogger.

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George Renner asked 6 months ago
Hello all,
I’m needing to record lines of waypoints along side roll angle using an NTRIP correction signal on a piece of agricultural machinery, preferably in NMEA formats.
Would a simpleRTK3B Heading + NTRIP Client plugin (on a shield)+ Serial Datalogger plugin be able to do this with relative ease?
I also want to record a new file for each time the machine goes into work. I notice on the data logger it says a new file is created every time the reset button is pressed. Would it be possible to use the reset pin to a remote switch to achieve this, I assume the pin would be shorted to GND to reset the Datalogger plugin, but would appreciate conformation of this and if it would give me the desired results!

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Ardusimple Staff answered 6 months ago
Hi George,
Yes the simpleRTK3B Heading would do the job.
As for the data recording yes you con connect externally a button to control the start of new file, or you can simply remove the power of the board to start a new file.
George Renner
replied 6 months ago

Thank-you for your swift reply.
If I cut power to the Serial Datalogger to stop logging and then restored power to resume logging, approximately how long from power up to data been recorded in the new file?

Kind regards

Staff replied 6 months ago

Unfortunately we don’t have this parameter, but it’s definitely less than 1 second.

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