“RTK Portable Bluetooth kit” doesn’t works with BT only USB

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SUSTRAC ANNICK asked 3 months ago
I bought this  kit 1 week ago. Tried the USB which works fine for SW-Maps and U-Center.
I am using a samsung A21S android 11
But despite correctly associated to named RTK_GNSS_910, BT doesn’t works with any soft like  LEFEBURE or BLUETOOTH-GNSS  and not also when BT is used by SW-Maps. With BLUETOOTH-GNSS the status page display all data “No Data” like NMEA is never received? . I didn’t change any thing in chip with U-Center.
Verified in View>configuration PRT(port) UART1&2 out= 0+1 UBX+NMEA 38400
Other probleme, when it works with USB with SW-Maps or U-Center it never shows the Lat & Long error: which stays respectively N/A and empty.
Thanks help 
Staff replied 3 months ago


Can you please describe the Bluetooth LED behavior when you connect with your smartphone?
For USB connection with SW Maps, make sure you have these messages enabled on UART1: GGA, GSV, RMC, VTG, GST

ArduSimple Team

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SUSTRAC ANNICK answered 3 months ago
Hi Thanks your answer
So i have to open the black case:
1/ On XBee BT
D2 Is ON when previously appaired now connected
D1 Is flashing different rate.
flash continous when not connected. 2 fast flashs ~2s when connected.
2/ On the USB-UART Xbee there are no transmission TX/RX stay OFF only PWR is ON
3/ On ZED-F9P
NoRTK is ON (cannot have RTK FIX at Home but outside)
GPS-FIX is flashing 1s rate (locked sats)
RTCM-In Saw Led blink for BT when NTRIP is started

Can you tel us meaning for D1?
I don’t know where are set GGA GSV RMC VTG GST for UART1
I suppose it is in U-Center? Which exact menu to use?
kit is only connected by USB with U-Center.
When Kit is powered by the USB on U-Center and locked sats and i connect to a BT term like
“serial BlueTooth” and i connect to RTK_GNSS_910 i see nothing.transmitted.

Staff replied 2 months ago

In u-center, go to View > Messages View, search for the messages on the left side, right click on the ones you want to activate and enable them.
When you are done, search for the UBX-CFG-CFG message and save changes.

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