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kreittmayr.de asked 3 months ago
Hello community,
i have the following situation:
I want to use a baitboat that is used for fishing to create depthmaps/3dmodels for a customer that is producing gravel.
For this i use a “deeper Sonar” that is integrated in a baitboat and has its own gps module. The problem is, that this gps is not exactly enough. So i would like to install an external gps rtk module that can be connected with sapos services and that is connected to my android tablet and use mock location. This module has to be connected via bluetooth because the deeper uses the WIFI to send the depth data to the tablet. The problem is, that the gps module has to be on the baitboat and the tablet has to be where i control the boat – maybe 200 m away from the boat.
Can you tell me what kind of devices I would have to buy and if its complicated to install all this?
Thank you!
replied 3 months ago

And one more question: Is it possible then, to use the gps location in other apps too? Or is it only possible to get the location from special apps?
I would need it in the deeper sonar app…

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 3 months ago
  • For the 200m connection you will need an additional long range datalink, either an LR radio or a third party Long Range WiFi set.
  • You can share the location with any Android app using the “mock location” feature.

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