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einkauf-ilt asked 1 year ago

Hi there
a few days ago I ordered some simpleRTK2B, GNSS Antennas and Long Range Radio-modules. Now we configured two of these Boards, one as base and one as rover. Both with the provided configuration files from your post at https://www.ardusimple.com/question/example-configuration/
When I test the modules with these cfg’s the distance between the rover and the base is permanently more than half a meter off. RTK is enabled and seems to work, and i get 3D/DGNSS/FIXED at the rover.
Do i need to additionally to the cfg-Files set something up?

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einkauf-ilt answered 1 year ago

I compared the Longitude and Latitude of the rover and base, but later found out that my calculation was off!
Works like a charm!

clive1 answered 1 year ago

Are you looking at the value reported by UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED ? Or something else.
SURVEY-IN good to perhaps a metre, and not particularly repeatable.