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RTCM protocol

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YH asked 4 months ago
I have confirmed that the RTCM data is coming in through the binary window.
I want to know the message type of RTCM data.
I even checked that it came in according to the RTCM protocol in the data sheet.
Class/ID cannot be checked which message type it is. how do i check
Staff replied 4 months ago

Hi YH,
1. Can you explain which product are you using and what are you trying to do?

1 Answers
clive1 answered 4 months ago

rtcm.org can provide you with the full specification standard


They use a binary packet format, and this is independent of the UBX format. The receiver can output and process packets interleaved in UBX, RTCM3 and NMEA forms


Its usually not necessary to understand the internal payload to process and transport the packets, I’ve posted examples to the uBlox forum related to this, and I’ve attached some code examples here related to them. The payload format is non-trivial, and bit-wise, but is documented.