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jonhawkes2030 asked 4 months ago

I have the SimpleRTK2B with a Raspberry pi adapter.
Is there documentation on how I can configure this? I have used other RPI GPS hats so I am familiar with the basics and did try a search of the forums.
I basically want to set it up as an NTP server (PPS) and feed correction data to Unavco and NYSDOT(if possible).

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nredla2 answered 4 months ago
nredla2 replied 4 months ago

To configure the raspberry pi you need to free up the UART first on the pi since it’s used for serial debugging by default. Rtklibexplorer explains how in the first part of this link: https://rtklibexplorer.wordpress.com/2016/11/04/pi-zero-based-gps-data-logger/
on the adapter, SimpleRTK2B’s UART1 is connected to the pi’s UART, so configure baud rates and the output data that you want on that port in U-center.

For NTP Server: http://www.unixwiz.net/techtips/raspberry-pi3-gps-time.html
since the output pins from the ardusimple boards are connected to the pins on the raspberry pi, look at the adapter’s documentation and connect TIMEPULSE on the ardusimple to the respective pin on the ardusimple board itself. For the NTP example above with datasheet on itead link, you can connect TIMEPULSE to D3(GPIO18) or A0(GPIO4).