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Mauro Bettella asked 2 weeks ago

Hello everybody,
I wanted to share with the Ardusimple community a method to modify the configuration of a “Rover ZED-F9P” using UBX commands, directly from a smartphone, without going through U-CENTER.
It involves using a “Serial Terminal for Android” from which to send UBX-CFG-VALSET strings to the GNSS receiver.
Personally I have used the Applications of “Kai Morich”
available for the 3 possible connections:
Serial Bluetooth Terminal:
Serial WiFi Terminal:
Serial USB Terminal:
The HEX strings to modify the parameters of my interest, have been obtained by U-CENTER for storing in RAM, BBR, Flash.
I made a long HEX string (RAM + BBR + Flash) with HEX: 0D00 in front, which I then used in the configuration of the various buttons available in the “Serial Terminal”.
(I don’t think HEX: 0D00 is the correct sequence, but it works !!!
When ZED-F9P receives HEX: 0D00 it is as if it gets angry and says:
“What do you want from me? Write me something valid!
Maybe the correct string is HEX: B562, the result is the same, I leave it to the comments ….).
The parameters I have prepared are:
CFG-NAVSPG-DYNMODEL (portable, stationary, pedestrian, automotive, sea);
CFG-NAVSPG-INFIL_MINELEV cut off angle (0,15,20,25,30);
CFG-NAVSPG-INFIL_CNOTHRS Signal / Noise (20,25,30,35,40);
CFG-RATE-MEAS measurement frequency (1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz);
Attention, I want to remind you that UBX messages are only available on UART1 / USB !!!!!
The application interface is very simple and pleasant, with buttons to change the configuration of the connected device!
If other users find it useful to change any other parameters for a “Rover GNSS” please add comments to this post.
Thank you.

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Ardusimple Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Thanks for sharing!

Mauro Bettella answered 2 weeks ago