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thoxrider asked 1 year ago
I followed the guide , with the right configuration file, in order to get the rover\’s position on my base station, on u-center.
But I dont find where in the u-center related to my base I can obtain the rover\’s position, could you help me on it?
I also have another question, is there any example of the arduino code we have to use to get the position, thanks to an arduino card plug on the TX2,RX2 pins?

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Ardusimple Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi thoxrider,
1. The rover will be sending only GGA message to the base, this is the only message that you will see. Note that this one is only available on the XBEE+POWER USB connector of the base. Make sure you are not looking for the rover position on the GPS+POWER USB connector from the base.
2. No, unfortunately we don’t have such specific sample code. Our generic sample code is here:
replied 1 year ago

You could probably pull a flying lead off the XBee DOUT pin, and onto one of the unused pins on the Arduino rail.

thoxrider answered 1 year ago
Okay thank you, and I can see the GGA message on the message view right?
replied 1 year ago

And the U-center related to the XBEE port write a fix mode: NO FIX, is it normal?

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