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omar.cutimbo asked 3 years ago
Buen dia,
Soy nuevo con el ardusimplertk2b LR kit y no puedo visualizar los datos corregidos del ROVER.
1. conecto la base (configuracion por defecto) a una power bank. (Led GPS->Xbee: ok, Led GPS Fix: ok)
2. conecto el rover a un mobil via USB (es aqui donde no encuentro tutorial alguno para visualizar los datos RTK con el) (led Xbee->GPS:ok, led GPS Fix:ok)
   2.1 Conecto el rover con la PC, ejecuto u-center y no logro visualizar 3D/GNSS/FIXED
3. Existe algun tutorial mas completo (el de la pagina no dice mucho =C )
Gracias por su tiempo
Staff replied 3 years ago

Dear Omar,
It is important that the base station antenna is not moved after power up.
It is also important that the base station antenna has good visibility of the sky, it cannot be used next to a window, needs to be completely in outdoor condition.
Lastly, the base station needs between 5 and 10 minutes after powerup to reach TIME mode. Once this mode is achieved, the rover will start receiving corrections and reach RTK mode.

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