Rover and Base kit, NO RTK led always on on base

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Valeria asked 3 weeks ago

I purchased a rover and base station kit along with a rover+heading kit. Both kits came preconfigured and we have asked for a connection between the base and the rover+heading board. 
I am doing my tests outside, with both boards connected on POWER + GPS. The LEDs are blinking as they should: both have GPS fix blinking, the rover has XBEE>GPS blinking and the base station has GPS<XBEE blinking. The “NO RTK” led is on for about 10 seconds on power up then shuts off, but the “NO RTK” led on the base is always on. 
From my understanding this means that it is not sending any corrections to the rover. 
Is that correct and do you have any suggestions to fix it? Am I missing something? 
(I have not changed anything in the configuration, as we payed to have everything ready plug-and-play)
Thank you!

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Valeria,
“NO RTK” led only works in rover mode. in Base Station mode is disabled, so its normal is steady ON.