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patrice.ulrich asked 4 months ago
I m looking for the reset pin of the mosaic-x5 receiver. Where can i access it ? on the header ?
Also i can not find complete documentation on the header

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 4 months ago
Dear Patrice,
The RESET pin is only available on the Micro modules. It is not recommended to make use of the RESET pin during normal field operation.
replied 4 months ago

So what is the recommanded way to reset ?? Power down ?

Staff replied 4 months ago

Is is not recommended to use RESET procedure in the field, only for accelerated production testing. In the field:
– If you need position data power should be provided
– If you don’t need position power should be removed

replied 4 months ago

ah yes , so simple, i really didint thoughtt at it!
I didnt realize that your hardware can not fail
Many thanks, Patrice

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