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braddo asked 9 months ago

Hello, would like to try logging information to the onboard flash of my RTK2LITE but it’s not obvious how to do this. There are seemingly hundreds of obscure configurations and they’re buried in menus that can only be searched if you know the cryptic abbreviation. The ucenter docs don’t say much, and the F9P docs say way *too* much, more intended for the deveolper of products that incorporate the module.
Does anyone know of a simple tutorial that captures:
How to configure what to store in a log
How to configure where to store the log (i.e. local to the onboard flash)
How to configure how to start a logging operation
How to configure stopping a log operation
How to configure a way to pause logging
How to list captured logs
How to extract logs off of the device for display elsewhere
All of these seem like they should be typical uses of RTK devices, are there docs that capture this? Or any users out there who have created blog/video examples?

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 months ago

Hi Braddo,
Sorry we missed this post. Did you succeed with your purpose?
ubx-log-xxx messages are for the integrated logging feature of zed-f9p. That’s a very nice feature and we will definitely make a post about it. It’s in the pipe, hopefully before Christmas ūüôā