Recommend an Android app for finding predefined points?

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Nelson Brown asked 6 months ago
Using ArduSimple RTK with SW Maps in Android is great for recording tracks or polygons, but I also have a need to walk to a predefined point and mark that location. The SW Maps interface limits zooming in so I can’t easily see if my current position matches the map point.
Can this community recommend an app for guiding a person to a waypoint within 30cm or so?

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Ardusimple Staff answered 6 months ago
Nelson Brown
replied 6 months ago

Thanks for the tip. I tried it out after getting Lefebure and mock location working, and the zoom-in is still limited so that the location marker is still about a meter wide. So the instrument is giving centimeter precision, but the marker on the map and the waypoint are too fat to be that precise.

Are there any apps that let the user zoom in so that the width of the screen is 3 m or less?

Staff replied 6 months ago

Hello Nelson,
We don’t know any app that allows you higher zoom levels.
These are often limited by the map service provider (Google Maps, OpenStreet, …) which are not designed for such high zoom levels.
With SW Maps you have the option to select the icon of your points, so if you choose a cross (X) its accuracy is much higher.
Also, when you select a point, SW Maps guides you towards the point and you can see exactly at which distance you are from it (in millimeters), so it should be ok.
ArduSimple Team

Nelson Brown
replied 6 months ago

Thanks for that suggestion. I will give that a try in the field.

Meanwhile, I have found Qfield may be a good (and affordable) solution:

I’m also going to try this app in the field.

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