Raspberry PI for Telemetry and pixhawk hookup

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jberezin asked 3 months ago

I found a simple way to use the Raspberry PI for telemetry.  I also incorporated a cell phone backup battery and a PI camera.
I made a youtube video of this in case anyone wants to try to make this box also:    

My next step is to hookup to Pixhawk but I can’t seem to get it to work with mission planner through the GPS2 port as it is possibly expecting the M8 series (older ublox).   I am now going to try via the USB port on the Pixhawk over the next week.  I see another user has connected to the Pixhawk successfully but he did not leave detailed information.  Does anyone have the details to get this working with Pixhawk/Ardupilot?

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Ardusimple Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi jberezin,
Congratulations for your project, looks great 🙂
We have tried ourselves to connect the simpleRTK2B with Pixhawk and it is as easy as connect the Pixhawk connector to the GPS port of the Pixhawk autopilot.
Since the Pixhawk connector uses UART1, and by default UART1 sends NMEA and UBX protocols, you don’t need to do any additional modification.
With old versions of the Pixhawk autopilot, you can build yourself a wire with JST-GH and DF13 connectors on both ends and it will work.
Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

jberezin replied 3 months ago

Success: I tried it again and it works now with Mission Planner/Pixhawk with the PI in the loop providing the correction stream. I did not have luck before when no correction data was being supplied from my local CORS network. Thanks.

skypuppy answered 3 months ago

A couple of have tried this.  Yes, we can make physical connection but that means little when the software doesn\’t recognize the f9p.  Which of the numerous documents has the info regarding the necessary commands to initialize the f9p??? Thanks.

root Staff replied 3 months ago

Hi skypuppy,

The ZED-F9P doesn’t need any initialization, it works as soon as it is powered (and has an antenna connected).

skypuppy answered 3 months ago

But the software that listens to it does.  🙂

jberezin answered 3 months ago

I am using standard mission planner and it works now with 3dfix without any specific gps configuration once I had it wired in properly to the pixhawk.
The only setup I had to do in mission planner was to use the rtk injection for correction by going to

1. Initial Setup
2. Optional Hardware
3. RTK/GPS Inject

and then put in NTRIP url if you are using one and hit the Connect button.

At this point I went from 3dFIX on the mission planner to RTK Fixed.
I will make a video of this next week but it is now working. I had to buy a cable as I mentioned in my other post. Also, this is now going over my 915Mhz telemetry to the pixhawk instead of wifi in my earlier setup.
The only negative thing is that you have to turn the RTK/GPS injection on by hitting the connect button every time you start up mission planner which is a pain.

skypuppy answered 3 months ago

“…wired in properly…” <- is that as simple as connecting it to gps1 connector on the Pixhawk?  If not, can you explain it please?