Question for the configuration of SimpleRTK2B Heading kit

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kooksun Lee asked 8 months ago

I tried to configure the “heading kit”(, but the configuration is hard to understand for me.
Here is my questions:
According to the u-blox documents, the basic setting of the heading kit should be followed by
– “simpleRTK2B lite” = moving base, sent the RTCM messages through UART2
– “simpleRTK2B” = rover, recived the RTCM messges through UART2
Meanwhile, I found that “simpleRTK2B lite” is configured to send the RTCM messages through UART1(refers to the configuration file, srtk2B+heading_lite_movingbase_FW_HPG112.txt on github). 
Should I have to modify this configuration file?(UART1->UART2)
On the other hands, I checked that the simpleRTK2B(=rover) recives the following messages(from u-center):
– UBX-RXM-RTCM is not received at all, since the simpleRTK2B lite(=moving base) sent RTCM messages through UART1.
– UBX-NAV-RELPONSNED (Relative Position and Accuracies) is well received.
For me, it was hard to understand that the relative informations(UBX-NAV-RELPONSED) were measured well, even though RTCM messages were not recived.

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Dear kooksun Lee,
– simpleRTK2Blite can receive RTCM correction from UART2 from a static base station. This product sends moving base RTCM corrections through UART1.
– simpleRTK2B receives RTCM corrections from UART2 from the simpleRTK2B connected on its socket. This product outputs heading information, and relative position to the simpleRTK2Blite.

With the configuration files loaded the system is stable and works at 1Hz. RTK position and heading can be read from simpleRTK2B using UBX-NAV-PVT and UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED.

kooksun Lee replied 8 months ago

Dear Ardusimple team, Thank you for your fast response!
You mentioned two RTCM communications in the answer, I will call them by RTCM 1 and RTCM2 :

1. moving base-RTCM1-rover (=heading kit):
This is my current configuration. In this case,
– UBX-NAV-RELPONSED works well.
– However, no RTCM messages(RTCM1) are received to the rover. This is checked by monitoring UBX-RXM-RTCM through usb and U-center.

2. static base station-RTCM2-moving base : it was not installed in my current configuration.
I want to check that RTCM1 messages were not shown in U-center, since RTCM2 were not received to moving base.
Did I understand your answer, correctly?

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Dear Kooksun Lee,
I recommend you go back to the original setup with our configuration files:
In this setup, you should be seeing RTCM1 and RTCM2 being received, and then you can introduce your changes step by step.