Problems hooking up 4G NTRIP Client

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tomtom asked 10 months ago
I’m trying to hook up the 4G NTRIP Client. I followed the instructions in the hookup guide. My problem is that I never get into the fast blinking mode. I can connect to the 4G NTIP client though. Before pressing the “Play” button in the telit AT tool, the hookup guide state, that the LED of the 4G NTRIP Client should be blinking fast. In my case it doesn’t. If I follow the instructions anyways the data in the middle of the screan appears and I can continue. But after finishing the instructions the LED blinks slowly and never fast. Also I don’t receive the data with my SimpleRTK2B board (V3.1).
Additional information that might help finding my problem:
The switch on the SimpleRTK2B board I put on XBEE to UART2. I used the conviguration file “Rover 1Hz” to start and set the UART2 Configuration to none (UBX->CFG->PRT -> UART2: Protocol in: none and Protocol out: none). After finishing the upload of the parameter file I set UART2 to Protocol in: RTCM3 and Protocol out to NMEA (I also change the Message settings)
I hope you can help me
Staff replied 10 months ago

Hi, if you can talk with the modem this is good news 🙂
Can you please send us your parameter files? Since they may contain sensible information, can you please continue this conversation via email?
You can send it at


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