Problems during the firmware update.

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amagro asked 2 years ago

During the firmware update the u-center application stopped working (“Not Responding”), this was the update of the second simpleRTK2B (base), the first module was updated without any problem.
Now when I connect the simpleRTK2B I get a connection error, I need to change the usb port in order to establish the connection, but if I disconnect I no longer can connect in that usb port, I need to change it again. 
When the connection is established the u-center starts to get data from the simpleRTK2B board but suddently stops receiving it.
The information about firmware version installed on the simpleRTK2B is the new one, I tried to update again the firmware but it didn’t start and the u-center application freezes (“Not Responding”). 
What can I do?

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi amagro,
We just experienced this issue with the ZED-F9P module a few days ago. The solution was to keep trying, after 4 attempts of firmware upgrade we finally succeeded. Try changing the baudrate to double or half of the speed that you are currently trying. Let us know if you solved it.

amagro replied 2 years ago

I finally succeeded the firmware udpate, with the double of the speed. The trick was to update as soon as possible after connecting the simpleRTK2B.
What was happening was that if I connected the board, it started to receive data and suddently it froze. If the update occours before it freezes it will suceed.
I send you a link with the information on each console, from the moment of connection till simplerRTK2B freezes.


1 Answers
amagro answered 2 years ago

GPS Fix led is flashing at 15 seconds rate.

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi amagro, is this a question? Can you give more details?

amagro replied 2 years ago

No, this was some more information when I had the board freezed. I tried to edit the first post, but i didn’t figure out how to do it.