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ALBERTO FALAVIGNA asked 10 months ago
Hi, I have installed the new firmware (1.30) and its configuration file (1.30) on SimpleRTKlite but I have problems with operation.The application I use (SWmap) does not receive data from bluetooth or even via cable.How do I resolve?Is it possible to go back to the previous situation (1.13)?Thank youAF
replied 10 months ago

Yes, you can reinstall 1.13
Might help to check the baud rate setting used.for the Bluetooth connection

replied 10 months ago

Ok thanks clive1!
Where do I find the firmware 1.13. I searched the ublox site but found only 1.30 !? thanks again

replied 10 months ago

Alarm returned.
Now my RTL2Bsimple works correctly even with 1.30.
I did some operations: I cleared the configuration file and then reinstalled it.
Then I also modified in UBX-CFG-PRT the parameters of uart2 (only rtcm3 was selected I modified with ubx + nmea).
But perhaps the reasons were other!
Sorry for the inconvenience and good day everyone.

Staff replied 10 months ago

Hi Alberto,
There was an error in the 1.30 configuration file uploaded on the website. It has been resolved now.

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