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TA asked 4 weeks ago


I Bought ESP32 WIFI. For first it works good just like in instroductions. Plug module to simplertk2b and connect to XBee wifi….
I configured the XBee module and then shut down the configuration page.
Now i tried to connect again to XBee wifi, but wifi is not anymore avaible, what i can do? I press Esp32 reset button (5s) but wifi still not exsist. I tried update firmware with wipe_config.bin. I think i changed uart2 configurtion on u-center (CFG-UART2-ENABLED : L 0) Still i can not connect again to ESP32 WIFI.
When flash download tool is working GPS->XBee led starts blinking fast. The blinking stops when download is finished.
The led is blinking in cycles on ESP32 module. ( Blink 5s-> fixed 3s->Blink 5s->fixed 3s->……)
NO RTK led is on
GPS FIX led is blinking
GPS->XBee led is off
XBee->GPS led is blinking in cycle blink..4s..blink..2s..blink..4s..blink..2s……
My main goal is provide ntrip to rover.
The setup what i going to run is: ESP32+simplertk2b as a base/server.
Run snip caster on my computer.
simpleRTK2B V3 + 4G NTRIP Starter Kit as a rover

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TA answered 4 weeks ago

The problem has been solved.