Problem keeping Rtk fix at Night

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Jerry Dueck asked 2 years ago
Hello. I’m currently running various Tractors with rtk2b with xbee Bluetooth shield and corrections from my Base station over Rtk2go. I’m having problems at Night keeping Rtk fix. From 9 pm to 4 am it will not get out of float. At Daytime there is no problem at all, I get instant fix. Age value is good, cell coverage is good. What could be the problem? My country’s internet ? Schould I run my own Caster?
replied 2 years ago

You could log diagnostic data, posted links to other threads, will add here when at computer.
Where is your base receiver and antenna currently located? Can receiver get cold over night?
GPS constellation passes around every 12 hours, atmospherics can be different at night, but both base and Rover share a mostly common view.

replied 2 years ago
Not sure internet/cellular would have different latency/effectiveness at night.
If I understood, your own base shared via RTK2GO?

Jerry Dueck
replied 2 years ago

The receiver would not get cold, well at least not under 20 degrees Celsius. Yes I share base over rtk2go.
If I understood this page correctly the Base has a lot of restarts.

replied 2 years ago

What version of firmware is running on the Base? I’ve had the odd issue with FW HPG 1.12 randomly restarting, but this wasn’t a sustained/continuous issue, but one occurring occasionally on a days/weeks scale.

Does your base have a fixed location programmed in, or use SURVEY-IN? The later would be highly undesirable.

It would be helpful to establish if the Base is really going down, or if it is a connectivity issue on the network side. Also perhaps if the receiver or antenna is the source of the day/night behaviours.

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