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Dhirendra singh asked 2 years ago

I sent a pushed out base stream to using SNIP NTRIP caster in  ZED F9P base  module . I used RTCM msg.1005,1074,1084,etc. through UART 2 output.Then I opened the NTRIP client window in rover module connected through USB to PC to get the correction stream. But I did not get RTK fix status.I am sending the screenshot of the NTRIP client status. Can you please check where I am making the mistake. Do I have to a use an UART2 to USB serial converter to be connected to the PC to receive the RTCM correction stream into the rover module so that I can get RTK NMEA messages for the fix status could be seen as RTK fix or there is some another problem ?

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi Dhirendra,
Can you confirm you succeeded and how? Might be useful for the rest of the community!

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Ken McGuire answered 2 years ago

Look at the UBX-RXM-RTCM messages in u-center and see what it says about your RTCM messages.
Insure that RTCM is enabled as an input stream for the USB interface (it is by default but might have gotten turned off)
What does the UBX-NAV-STATUS message say about the fix type.
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clive1 replied 2 years ago

If the receiver is getting usable RTCM3 it should enter DGNSS mode, then FLOAT and FIXED
Make sure baud rates match, and reporting in UBX-RXM-RTCM confirms integrity, etc.