Problem in getting fix RTK on rover RTK2board module

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dskumher asked 6 months ago

My base module is working fine pushing out RTCM stream to NTRIP server in & getting it in Lefebure NTRIP client software source table on rover. I am using internet , not radios for data transfer. I have BT module on UART1 using TX1 & RX1 pins on the board to receive data on NTRIP client, input protocol RTCM & output protocol as UBX+NMEA+RTCM. Rover module is powered through GPS USB. Input/output protocol both being UBX+RTCM+NMEA My serial port for BT module gets well connected at 57600 baud rate. Rover USB baud rate is 115200. Then, problem starts here. I do not get fix/ float RTK in NTRIP client. It does not receive any data from base & gets disconnected. The status of LEDs is : 1 – GPS >> XBEE blinking(at slower speed). 2 – GPS fix- blink ( at faster rate ), 3 – fix RTK –steady ( meaning thereby no float/fix RTK data ). I tried for days but no success. Two years earlier, When I used power+XBEE USB , I used to get fix RTK. I installed BT module perhaps to take RTK data in android mobile phone through BT connection. Please suggest the solution. I am sending some screenshots for you to better understand the problem. I do not know how to attach image/photo here.

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Ardusimple Staff replied 5 months ago

Dear dskumher,
Screenshots didnt upload. A few checks:
1. Is your base sending RTCM? Even if you are connected to a caster, if the base station is not outputting corrections it will not work.
2. If you are using BT, you are probably working with a NTRIP Client on a mobile phone. Does your NTRIP client confirm that is sending RTCM to the bluetooth device?
3. Baudrates. Check baudrate from bluetooth and GPS are the same.
4. GND and IOREF. You mention you are using TX1 and RX1. Did you also connect grounds? Did you enable TX1/RX1 with IOREF?

We hope this guide helps you.