problem in configuring base in TIME MODE & sending out RTCM3 messages from base

Q&A forumCategory: Questionsproblem in configuring base in TIME MODE & sending out RTCM3 messages from base
dskumher asked 4 years ago
I connected the Ardusimple RTK2board base  breakout board to PC through USB . Then I configured the base module in fixed  Lat./lon. coordinate mode using UBX-CFG-TMODE3. I also enabled USB for RTCM3 msgs.1005,1074,1084,1094,1124 in UBX-CFG-VALSET window using CFG-MSGOUT-RTCM3X type1005 USB,etc. The USB is also enabled for RTCM3 message in IN & OUT protocols in CFG-USBIN/OUTPROT-RTCM3. In CFG-TMODE-MODE also,the receiver reads ‘ true’. But the U centre fix status does not show TIME MODE & also the RTCM messages are not seen in Messages-RTCM3-1005,etc. How can I resolve these so that I can send RTCM correction stream from the base module.
replied 4 years ago

Could someone post the basic configs shipped on base and rover, and xbee parameters used as well, please?
Thank you.

replied 4 years ago

Enable UBX-NAV-PVT to see mode information

replied 4 years ago

UBX-NAV-PVT window does show position fix type as TIME but in U – centre data view window shows fix mode : 3D ,not TIME.
Also even after CFG-USB-IN/OUT PROT is enabled for RTCM3x msgs. & also enabling CFG-MSGOUT-RTCM3 1005,etc., no RTCM messages is seen in UBX-RXM-RTCM or RTCM3-1005,1074,etc. windows. It is not becoming possible to send out RTCM messages.

replied 4 years ago

I could get the RTKFIX as suggested but the USB port is engaged in U-centre whereas I need a RTKFIX NMEA COM PORT for field data collection software Arcpad. So,do you suggest an UART to USB adapter to get the RTCM correction stream into the rover module & use the rover board USB for using as COM PORT for data collection software ?

Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi dskumher,
Can you explain again your setup and issue? Do you use a pre-configured base and rover from ardusimple? If yes you only need to set the fixed position to the base, and the rest of the system is already pre-configured to send corrections.
Note that the connection between base and rover is done through UART2, this is the port where RTCM messages need to be enabled.

replied 4 years ago

The issue is resolved. I am able now to send RTCM stream from base to NTRIP server & then receive it in the rover in NTRIP client window & get RTK fix status,but my USB port gets engaged & I want to use RTK fix NMEA msg. in another data collection software COM PORT. I want to use XBee USB port for getting in rover RTCM correction stream into module UART2 from Lefebure NTRIP client. For using XBee USB for this purpose, I have the following problem, please solve them:
1- how to ‘ bridge’ TX/RX pins ? What is meant by bridging ? Do I need connect board TX2-XBeeTX & board RX2-XBee RX or the other way ? Which ground pins to be connected ?
2- How to power the pins ?
3- I will not connect any device to XBee USB. I will just use it to have a free COM PORT to get correction stream in Lefebure NTRIP client. Can I use it for this purpose ?

replied 4 years ago

I would highly appreciate if you can explain board UART2 TX2/RX2 ————XBee TX/RX ,GND & power pin connections pictorially by diagram for using XBee USB.

replied 4 years ago

P.S., I am not going to use XBee USB for using radio but for COM PORT for connecting to Lefebure NTRIP client for getting RTCM correction stream.

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