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Gonzalo Sandoval asked 7 months ago
Hello everyone!
I recently purchased the simpleRTK2B Starter Kit LR from Ardusimple and I’ve been experiencing some issues regarding the precision of GPS measurements. I would like to share my situation on this forum and seek advice or additional configurations that could help me resolve this problem.
The problem occurs under the following conditions: the communication between the base and the Rover is established without any issues. The Rover is installed on a sensor that moves at an approximate speed of 15 km/h. I receive GPGAA messages via UART 1, and the measurements are taken under excellent sky conditions.
However, during post-processing of the data, I’ve noticed small position jumps of around 1 meter. These jumps occur when the Rover moves approximately 100 meters away from the base. This is concerning to me because the simpleRTK2B Starter Kit LR that I purchased should be capable of working at much greater distances, and there are no physical obstacles between the base and the Rover.
To better visualize the problem, imagine driving on a highway always on the same lane, but when the Rover moves away from the base, it indicates that you’re on the adjacent lane.
I’m seeking guidance and advice from those who have experience in handling GPS products, especially with the simpleRTK2B Starter Kit LR from Ardusimple. Has anyone faced a similar situation before? Are there any additional configurations I should consider to avoid these measurement jumps?
I would appreciate any help you can provide to solve this problem and improve the precision of my measurements. I’m eager to hear your ideas and suggestions!
Thank you all in advance!

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 7 months ago
From the description is difficult to point to the exact problem. A few things to check:

  1. Is the stream of correction data arriving regularly to the rover? You can check “age of dgnss corrections” inside GGA message
  2. Are base and rover GNSS antenna installed correctly. Check this page to confirm this:
  3. Is the system resetting? You can notice with the TXT welcome messages that the receiver outputs
  4. If you changed the pre-configuration, your new configuration is not stable. Revert back to the recommended configuration files:

If above doesn’t help you can always send some more detailed info to my colleagues from support, you will have to collect:

  • Pictures of base and rover installation
  • Logfiles recorded from u-center from base and rover, at least 5 minutes

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