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Atlanta88 asked 11 months ago

I received my RTK2b yersterday with the Xbee bluetooth module. First of all I connect the board to U-center and it works fine. In a second time,  I connected the Bluetooth XBee socket on the board and checked it’s configuration and try to use the board with my phone. When I returned back (U-center) to connect the cable to “GPS+Power” USB port, it doesn’t want to connect anymore (only power).
Did anyone experienced the same issue or have a solution for this problem?

I’m really disappointed, do I have to return it or have you any suggestions please ?
Thanks you for your feedback

Ardusimple Staff replied 11 months ago

Hi Atlanta88,
The situation you describe is really strange.
Make sure you are connecting the USB cable in the POWER+GPS port.
Are some LEDs turned on?
Did you change the configuration of the board before it stopped working?
Let us know as many details as possible.
Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

Atlanta88 replied 11 months ago

In the beginning I was able to connect it to a computer (in u-center) via USB and get GPS data. But I noticed that I cannot receive the GPS data on a smartphone via bluetooth (Lefebure or GNSS commander). So I go in U-center : View>Messages View>UBX>CFG>PRT. I enable NMEA protocol and I change the baudrate of the UART2 (38400bps) and send it. After some fast indoor test, it works fine with an external batery for the power. But when I returned back (U-center) to connect the cable to “GPS+Power” USB port, it doesn’t want to connect anymore (only power the board). I tried several cables and none of them work anymore while it still works very well with the Power+Xbee USB port. I also tried to uninstall the port and reinstall it but it still doesn’t work.

Atlanta88 replied 11 months ago

For the LEDs , it seems to be normal : turn on (powerer & no RTK ) and blinks (GPS RTK)

Ardusimple Staff replied 11 months ago

Did you only change the port configuration or did you also change another parameter?
Give a try to our hack to solve USB problems: https://www.ardusimple.com/simplertk2b-hack-2/
Let us know if you found a solution.

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Kaupoi answered 11 months ago

Have you tried with different usb cable? 

Ardusimple Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Atlanta,
Did you find a solution to your problem?

Atlanta88 replied 10 months ago

Hi ArduSimple,
I received Arduino sons this morning. I followed the tutorial (simpleRTK2B hack #2: unbrick ZED-F9P / use UART1 via USBand) and it worked perfectly, the usb port (power+gps) works again. Thank you for your precious advice and your seriousness

Barcaz01 answered 4 months ago

I was using u-center with NTRIP correction and the software crashed. Now my device is bricked. I use Windows 10 and now I have the same issue, but hack #2 and hack #3 didn’t worked for me. I have Power+xbee port that can be opened from u-center and power+gps that can’t (also realterm can not open this port).
If I connect power+gps to Android phone with OTG it looks like it continues to connect and disconnect.
From ucenter with Power+xbee seems that all ports are setted with “Protocol in” as “0+1+2” and “Protocol out” as “0+1” and UART 1 and 2 has the “baudrate” of 57600. If I change and save a target, other seems unchangeable because I can’t select another target anymore (if I try to do this, selection returns back to previous).
First time I used this device I also had issues with COM ports. They were not working…on another PC they did. Now it’s the same, don’t know why, I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers from device manager of Windows.
I think I’ll have to return it back. Any suggestions?

Barcaz01 replied 4 months ago

P.S.: On hack #3 tutorial I can not see anything in the step 10

Barcaz01 replied 4 months ago

P.S.2: In another Windows 10 PC if the device is connected with POWER+GPS it keeps connecting and disconnecting. If connected with POWER+XBLEE is not recognized as COM port but appears in Device Manager as “FT230X Basic UART”

Barcaz01 replied 4 months ago

and with this last option no drivers are installed

Barcaz01 replied 4 months ago

Edit: after many hours spent on this, I found the solution of my issue. Connect simplertk2b with POWER+GPS to PC, then go to Device Manager on Windows, select the COM port that is not working and update the driver with these https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MP6s0I5Sx8x6gPj92iQANJhD6isjyZ14/view (extract this folder somewhere and then select the extraction path when requested by Windows driver update). Then the device name in Device Manager will be “u-blox GNSS Receiver (COMX)”, where “X” is the COM port number.