Pointperfect correction service via WiFi NTRIP Master

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Fred asked 1 year ago
You have very interesting products indeed. I would like to buy a kit that would probably interest other people as well:
simpleRTK2B Basic Starter Kit
WiFi NTRIP Master
WiFi NTRIP Master should be preconfigured to work with Pointperfect correction service. WiFi network would be provided via hotspot from mobile phone.
Would that be possible?
Thank you beforehand,
Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi Fred,
This feature is available on our 4G NTRIP and Ethernet NTRIP Xbees, WiFi might only come later. This and other features will be included in the next release fot the 4G and Ethernet, if you want to use it already now just send an email to info@ardusimple.com and my colleagues will be happy to send you a beta firmware.

replied 1 year ago

Fantastic! Thank you so much for the ultra quick reply.

Could you please give a hint when Pointperfect service will be available via WiFi NTRIP Master? I will not take it as a binding promise 🙂

Staff replied 1 year ago

Currently there’s no date to add this feature to the WiFi NTRIP Master.

replied 1 year ago

OK I see. I do hope Pointperfect service will be incorporated into WiFi NTRIP Master firmware soon. Thank you.

Take care and keep the good work,

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