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jberezin asked 6 months ago

For those looking for a cable,  this one worked for me and I didn’t have to make one (labelled GPS2):

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greentech answered 5 months ago

Hi, jberezin… I would like to buy GPS RTK LR IP65 (BASE + ROVER) to use it with Pixhawk 2.1 CUBE.
Can you show me something that allow to know procedure, setting for pixhawk?
is there a reference instruction manual ?
Best Regards

jberezin answered 5 months ago

I am not using a base.  I am only using the rover plus an NTRIP server on the internet 26KM away.  Also I am using an ebay pixhawk (2.4.8) , not the cube which is more money and a newer design.
But I did some research and process is similar.  

  1. Plug gps into pixhawk and make sure it receives power.
  2. Connect your other gps to windows pc
  3. Connect telemetry module to windows pc
  4. Connect telemetry module to pixhawk
  5. Open Ardupilot Mission Control Software
  6. Open the Initial Setup >> Optional Hardware >> RTK GPS Inject screen
  7. Set this up for your base including entering the location as show here (or you can alternatively setup an NTRIP server here)
  8. Step 7 should be nearly identical to these instructions for the here+rtk:  link:  http://ardupilot.org/rover/docs/common-here-plus-gps.html