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Packet console issue on UART2

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsPacket console issue on UART2
Barcaz01 asked 2 weeks ago
I’ve updated my Ardusimple to firmware 1.30 and I’m trying to record UBX RXM-RAWX messages to find my base station position.
I do this over my local tcp connection with Ardusimple, that has a Wifi NTRIP module over UART2.
From “packet console” in u-center I can view messages, the issue is that it stops receiving every message randomly for example after a 1-2 minutes, and the only way to restart receiving messages is disconnect and reconnect to the tcp.
I developed a software that automatically disconnect and reconnect with my Ardusimple every X seconds (keeping the recording active). This works because when I reconnect it restarts to receive messages. The issue is that sometimes I can lose 10-20 seconds of messages. Is that an issue if I need to create a RINEX file and send this to PPP analyzation services to find my fixed location?
Can this communication problem  be a bug of the firmware of the Wifi module or of the firmware 1.30?
Thank you for your support!
replied 2 weeks ago

I’d imagine debugging this could get quite time consuming and involved.

I’m pretty sure the receiver can output UBX-RXM-RAWX in a continuous fashion, I’d probably test that UART2 doesn’t have any specific issue, or one with particularly large packets. Then I’d probably record data directly from UART2 locally, and then compare that with the data from the TCP/IP link.

I don’t expect the WiFi NTRIP to have a lot of buffering capacity, and that code execution could get quite distracted re-establishing connectivity to WiFi network and the host system.