Open source surveying software?

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rszimm asked 3 months ago

I’d like to use this to do a survey of my lot, both 2D and 3D (topographic).  I thought it would be super cool to get something like this and mess around with it rather than spend roughly the same amount for a professional surveyor to come out and do the same thing.
Use Case #1: I’d like to setup the base station over a known datum and then walk around with the roaming station and press a button at every point that I would like recorded.  Then I need to download the recorded points to a desktop.
Use Case #2:  In this situation I need to find a specific point (e.g. I need to place a stake where the corner of a house foundation is going to be), so I need to be able to enter the point and then have some sort of feedback as to how far off I am.
So, is there any open-source software out there that’s compatible with this that can roughly achieve what I’m looking for?