One last inch to get rover to see base readings

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skypuppy asked 2 years ago
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skypuppy answered 2 years ago

Ok, after manually setting MANY config options on in ucenter’s advanced config, and futzing with the XBEE’s, and finding an ntrip server that spits out the MSM7 messges, I finally have sub-meter accuracies, both in 2D and 3D.  Woohoo.  The XBEE’s are communicating with each other and their blue LED’s go blinkety-blinkety together.  Woohoo.  So, the last inch is — rover is not using any of the readings from base.  What else do i need to turn on, please?  I’ve searched advanced config for possible messages missing but I just haven’t found the (probably obvious) change needed.  Any ideas?  Help, please, for this last little leg of this hair-pulling journey.

skypuppy answered 2 years ago

Wah.  It didn’t last.  On next bootup of the f9p’s, even with reloading the configs, never got there again.  It was on the base unit anyway, not the rover.  But I think I found the problem with the rover — the f9p is dying.