NTRIP services in UK?

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microderm asked 11 months ago

What are my options to receive NTRIP data in the UK?
Are there free services that I can use?
If I must pay, what sort of fees should I expect to pay?

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clive1 answered 11 months ago

I’m pretty sure if you find a local land surveyor, or college with geographic/survey type courses you could get all sorts of info, and local dirt.
I’d imagine the counties either through roads or GIS dept would also have different kinds of data services. 
You can set up your own infrastructure by post-processing your base location accurately and setting up an NTRIP caster via an internet connection, or whatever.

microderm answered 11 months ago

Thanks, that’s great advice. So far, I have been exploring the rtk2go option. Ran into a few problems (separate post) but looks promising.

Wolfgang answered 11 months ago

Take a look here to see if there are any stations relatively close to you: https://igs.bkg.bund.de/dataandproducts/streams (filter by “GBR” for Great Britain, or use “toggle map”. If you’re close to a border consider also looking across it).
If you find a suitable station, then you need to register https://register.rtcm-ntrip.org/cgi-bin/registration.cgi to gain access to the data. There is no charge.