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Paul Richardson asked 1 month ago
Paul Richardson replied 1 month ago

Hi, would someone please help me with connecting an Ntrip Master to a simple board with F9p, with the correct settings to send RTCM to my rtk2go mountpoint please?
I have two simplef9p boards – one as a base and the other as a rover. I have a mount point at RTK2go which works perfectly when sending to the rover with a laptop connected to the base and using SNIP caster. I can find the base in the caster table and all is good. I want to remove the need for the laptop, and make use of the good wifi connection at the base, hence the purchase of the ntrip master.
I can get as far as viewing the XBee web page and can find my own wifi and then revert back to that but then am struggling to set the rest of the tabs up to send the rtcm to my mountpoint. What do I need to put in each tab on the xbee set up pages please? I.e. do I set up as a caster or server or whatever, and what UART etc, and what to put in each box. Thanks

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Dear Paul,
For connecting a base to an rtk2go caster:
– In the wifi ntrip master configuration page, you only need to configure the NTRIP SERVER box. ntrip client and ntrip caster will be unused.
– In the simpleRTK2B board, you will have to enable RTCM corrections at 115’200bps at UART2.

Paul Richardson replied 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the help. I presume you mean to set the simple board with those settings in U-Center? Also, I guess the 115,200 and UART2 should be selected in the XBee web page settings too?

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 weeks ago

yes, they should be set with u-center, ubx-cfg-prt message.
As for the wifi ntrip master, default uart configuration is already ok.