NTRIP connection disconnects after 30 Seconds SW Maps

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pcfritz asked 3 years ago
Hi there, 
I try to use NTRIP on an android tablet using SW Maps. After connecting to ntrip server the quality changes to rtk float, but after 31 seconds it falls back to single. Does anybody know what that might be?
replied 3 years ago

How far away is the NTRIP server/data source? Does it expect position reporting to sustain the link? ie walled garden, location based coverage or VRS

replied 3 years ago

20 km. I figure out, that the NTRIP client doesn’t get any data from the server after 30 seconds. If I use Lefebure, the connection doesn’t disconnects after 30 seconds. Either way, I always receive only rtk float, also in the open air. Which correction format does the receiver need?

replied 3 years ago

The Interface Description Manual describes all the RTCM3 message types it can accept. https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/u-blox_ZED-F9P_InterfaceDescription_%28UBX-18010854%29.pdf

Generally you’re looking for the MSM ones, ie 1077, 1087, 1230 and 1005, with both L1 and L2 band data in them

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Mauro Bettella answered 3 years ago
Stesso problema, ho provato vari set in U-Center,
ma non ho ancora trovato una soluzione corretta.
Ho scritto agli sviluppatori di SW Maps ma non ho ancora ricevuto risposta!
Mauro Bettella
replied 3 years ago

Now everything works perfectly with UART1-USB connection !!!
SWMaps relies on RTKLib and therefore needs UBX messages
There is still a problem with the decimal separator for the NTRIP Client fix
(my smartphone is now configured in English and NTRIP Client works),
I think the problem can be solved in future updates.

If I use the UART2-Bluetooth connection, missing UBX messages,
– NTRIP connection is unstable;
– information of precision and accuracy is missing
application becomes unusable for my purposes.

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