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Ntrip connected – but «no RTK» light on

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsNtrip connected – but «no RTK» light on
lynx asked 2 days ago

I have a simpleRTK2B Rover with the Wifi NTRIP XBee ESP32 sitting on the main board and a Shield with the XBee Bluetooth. The board is configured with the standard rover config file. I run the farming app FieldBee on a Lenovo Tablet. This app requires bluetooth connection. Hence the shield + Bluetooth XBee.

Everything connects fine. A smartphone wifi hotspot provides internet access. The XBee wifi NTRIP connects to the smartphone hotspot and the tablet is connected via bluetooth for navigation. For configuration of the Wifi Ntrip Xbee I connect on  This shows WiFi (smartphone) = OK, Wifi (XBee hotspot) = OK, All UARTs as is/was baud 115200. NTRIP client connected and recieves data.  NTRIP checker app – on iphone, confirms following messages are recieved from the Caster in question: 1005,1077,1087,1097,1127,1230, 4072.  Caster Baud is also 115200. Rover Antennae  is in open sky. However, the No RTK light is on. Any obvious errors on my side?













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Ardusimple Staff answered 16 hours ago
Hi lynx,
You seem to be missing the RTCM message with the base station position, usually 1005.
replied 11 hours ago

Hi – Thanks for your response. I do actually have 1005 included. Still the «no RTK» light is on.

Staff replied 3 hours ago

A few more checks:
1. Confirm that zed-f9p is receiving these corrections via UBX-RXM-RTCM message
2. Confirm that your signal levels are strongh enough to calculate rtk: https://www.ardusimple.com/gps-gnss-antenna-installation-guide/
3. Confirm that the base station is within 35km

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